Rock the Capital Recap! 6

Where to begin? The $20,000 donation to Chive Charities? The 500 mile journey in a van full of crazy people?


Seeing a 5 month work in progress that is finally paying off? In a sense we will start with all of those things. theCHIVE, over the years, has become something truly amazing! Caring people with a giving attitude willing to give back at any chance that they get.

So let us be honest. We were not completely sure how Rock the Capital was going to go. Hell, we had never thrown a meet up there before. Here is what we learned; No matter what state, no matter what city, no matter where you are at, the spirit of the Chivers and Chivettes remain the same. The ability to have a connection with someone that you have never met and be able to share a drink, hold a conversation and walk away knowing that person is now a friend. You can’t put a price tag on that. So, needless to say, you folks proved to us how just how deep the Chive mentality is, and that will never be a worry we have again.

From the time that the door opened, there was a steady stream of people throughout the whole night coming in to party the only way the Chivers know how. BIG!



An party we did! With a confirmed crowd of over 500 Chivers and Chivettes, we knew NorCal had their sites set on a HUGE donation.. and it was! Enough take a spot on the Chive Charities Leader Board! That is no easy task! That being said, to everyone that came to that meet up, bought tickets, drinks, donated, bid, RAKd.. That all comes from your hard earned money. The ability to be able to help someone out always seems to trump the feeling of being a little on the broke side the next day. But that is what we do. That is who we are.




And with no real lead in to this picture.. I am just posting it here… well.. because bear suits. That’s why… and because I think Disney got it wrong when they said that they were the happiest place on earth.. It is obviously at a Chive meet up…



We would like to send a huge thanks to Matt, Cyrus and Juan. Without the three of them, Rock the Capital would not have been what it was. The amount of work that those three put in is just tiring to think about. So if you seem them up there, give them a big hug for us. Great things happen when you embrace change and work together as a team.

Another huge thank you to Rocky’s 7440 and all of its staff! They did a fantastic job making sure the night ran smooth and everyone had a drink! They also made several donations to Chive Charities, as well! If you are in that area, stop by and grab a beer… Or six..

We at Chive on California truly hope that everyone had a blast and takes serious pride in what they accomplished. The 20K+ will for sure, be a life changer for the recipient, and there is no other way to feel except proud. This meet up was successful because you were there, it was successful because you cared, it was successful because you chose to make the world 10% happier.

Thanks again, our new friends to the north! we hope to see you again real soon and do the whole damn thing over again!



– Team Chive on California



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6 thoughts on “Rock the Capital Recap!

  • KCCO Chivette

    Seriously one of the best nights of my life! So much alcohol! Can you guys pleaseeeeeeeeeee come back up and throw another one!

  • Nicolle

    Team Chive on Cali I love you all. You guys are some of the most amazing people ever. Thank you for all you do. Also Matt, Juan and Cyrus. You guys rock. Thank you all for your hard work.

  • Angel anaya

    Haha I didn’t really know who he was but i knew it was good vibes . I gave him a beary big bear hug ,anyways… I had an awesome first time experience , thank you beary much… Looking forward to many more…

  • Jerry C

    My first Chive event and it was freakin’ awesome. Green bear suit guy rocked as did everyone else that I had the privilege to meet through the course of the evening. Great job by everyone who put it together.