We have to say, that was one of the most amazing nights of our careers as a Chiver. The turnout, the atmosphere, the smiles, the hugs, the booze and the shear power of this group of misfits was in full force at Effins Pub. We knew it would be a special night, we just underestimated how awesome it would actually be. After the passing of our brother, Jerry Unruh, The Kern Chivers and many others showed up rocking their bear suits! That was awesome and we hope that trend continues all over California to remember an awesome Chiver! Also, A huge shout out to Zach, Shawn and all of the amazing staff at Effins Pub for making the meet up one of smoothest we have ever been a part of. You guys are a true class act and we love working with you! If you are ever in SD, stop by Effins and grab a Black Lager! They donate $1 to Chive Charities for every KCCO you drink, so you might want to have a LYFT driver lined up! Use the code CHIVECALI and get $25 on us!











That being said, in case you missed it, the LA and SD Chive Chapters merged into Chive on California at the meet up! It has been in progress for quite some time and it felt great to finally yell it out! So what does it mean? Actually all good things! First, the California Keep Calm and Chive on shirt will be available at very SOON, which is awesome for everyone! Furthermore, it means more awesome meet ups (not just in SoCal) but all over California! So keep your eyes open for a California promoted meet up near you! Bigger crowds equal bigger donations to our friends at Chive Charities! And with an entire state behind us, we can accomplish anything! We are totaling up the final donations for the meet up, and let me be the first to say, you Chivers and Chivettes crushed it! We could not believe all the people that we met from all of the different states that took the time and money out of their own pockets to come to San Diego! It was truly a humbling experience that left everyone us a bit misty eyed (I am still claiming to have gotten dust in my eye, damn wind). As soon as we have the final totals, you all will be the first to know.













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Also, a quick shout out the theBERRY of California for hosting an awesome brunch the next day. The copious amounts of bacon and mimosas really hit the spot!  It was awesome to sit back and listen to all the people’s stories of their adventures from the night before. We heard one person slept in a dumpster, which in his defense, is still better than driving drunk. The girls really knocked it out of the park! Thanks, ladies!

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Lastly, we would all like to personally thank each and everyone of you for what you do. Chivers and Chivettes really are a cut above the rest. Some people may never understand what we do. People may look at us funny, criticize what we call a good time, wonder why we are so quick to help someone or even think that we are a bunch of horny drunks (not contesting the drunk part). But at the end of the day, we know what we can do together as one. When you look into the eyes of someone you have helped and see the look of thanks and gratitude, to me, there is no greater reward on this earth. So keep that shit up! You all are amazing! Thanks again to everyone that came!!! We made our family a little bit bigger at Effins and we hope to see you soon.


– Team Chive on California



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