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Well, a lot has happened since we made our last blog about the Effin Epic meet up! California got their very own shirt on theCHIVERY (Get one HERE) and quickly became one of the top selling chapter shirts in the land, thanks to you all!! Next, California got the Bona Fide tag, which is truly amazing and we could not have done it without the support from all of you! Now lets talk about Chive at Dive! I don’t even know where to start with this… Very hard to put into words, but we will give it the old college try!Untitled


An interesting fact about this meet up.. This meet up was in the works before the Effin Epic Meet Up happened. So needless to say, we had feeling this one was gonna be huge… but we had no idea it would turn out the way it did.


Here is a little flashback to Effins!

About 3 weeks before Chive at Dive, our whole goal was shifted when we learned that all of us would have the chance to help a California Chiver. You probably all know Michael or have at least seen him at a meet up. This guy is unstoppable and does not let his condition slow him down one bit. You have to love that. Personally, I don’t think I would have the courage to do what this man does. I admire that.


Let’s cut to Night 1 of Chive at Dive. As everyone began showing up and we started to see Chive shirts and bear suits fill up the lobby, a pure sense of joy took all of us over. We cant explain it, but you know that feeling you get when something amazing is happening.. We knew California was going to take care of Michael in the only way we knew how!


Seeing that lazy river and the pool areas lit up for the first time was nothing short of stellar. “We get to spend the whole weekend here?!” Seeing all the Chive and KCCO banners hung up around the area was an amazing sight that we won’t soon forget. Michael showed up that evening and was being his normal self, talking with Chivers, taking pictures and just having a good time. Seeing this is when it all set in. We have never had a meet up where the actual recipient was right there! That made it even more special. But as we looked around, saw all the Chivers, in full force, from all over the state… We knew the California Chivers were coming to save the day!



Day 2 – It could not have been a more perfect day! The lazy river and the pool area felt fantastic. We didn’t want to leave! For those of you that made it to the stage to catch TJR, all we can say is that guy knows how to get the party going!( Ask Darryl about meeting him.) With every trip to the bar it felt like we were buying a new green cup because we just lost the one we had!! Did that happen to anyone else? Anyway, we could not believe the amount of people Chivers that just kept showing up..  I cannot even begin to put a number on it. Our best guess was around 1000.


As the day party wound down, some folks went back to the real world, but others stuck around. The first night and the last night gave us a real sense that this is a family here. You don’t have to sensor yourself, you don’t have to act like someone you are not.. You get to be you, and you are accepted for you. To us, that is good enough to call someone our brother or sister. Sitting around  talking, drinking, trying to line dance (damn you alcohol) we would not trade those memories for anything.


When the final totals form the meet up came through, I am positive the four of us stared at the email for a solid 10 minutes before snapping back to reality. The California Chivers had delivered the biggest donation total in Chive Charities history… $55,000… And it’s all going to a California Chiver…. Let that soak in for a moment, I will wait…………….. You back? OK…


If you read Michael’s story you know of the many obstacles that he has faced, but yet has overcome them all. If you read his story, you know of his housing situation and the struggles that are involved, but yet he remains positive and upbeat. If you read his story, you understand his needs. If you read his story, you understand how California and Chive Nation is helping. California Chivers and all the Chivers that donated are building him a home! A home with privacy, a home with space, a home that meets his needs…..A home that he can finally, well, call home.

You can give Michael a helping hand right HERE

In the near future there will be some opportunities to help first hand with the actual construction. More details on that later. But if you think you would want to give more than you already have, stay tuned to our social media sites for all of the details.


The Plans for Michael’s New Home

In closing, there is no way to ever say thank you enough (especially in blog format) for what California Chivers and donaters from all of the U.S. have done to change a life. But that is the thing about this Chive Community…We don’t do it for a thank you, we don’t do it for the recognition, we don’t do it because we have to.. We do it because that is who we are! We do it because it needs to be done. We do it because we know we can accomplish anything with this nation.. Scratch that…With this family behind us….. And we continue to prove it.


On behalf of the entire team at Chive on California, we say thank you for everything you do! We will see you next time!!

Sara, Ron, Darryl and Joel






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