ronRon Coleman

Ron’s childhood differs from that of you and I. Being in the spotlight for most of his adolescence from his semi-pro rollerblading career molded who Ron into who he is today. Training under world famous, Arlo Eisenberg, Ron’s career ended after an injury was sustained attempting the infamous quadruple Lutz. In 2008, Ron found theCHIVE…and a new passion was born. Ron’s off the job activities include:

  • Crushing Frozen Daiquiris at Pacific Beach
  • Instructing robot dance classes
  • Trying to beat his record of Black Lager consumption in one sitting (currently 67)
  • Up and coming Yo-Lenz sunglasses Model
  • Trying to avoid Jim Beam shots offered by Joel


As the founding father of Chive on San Diego and the mastermind behind the RFB3D, Ron’s vision, shoot first ask questions later mentality and the ability to make any meet up epic, makes him the perfect fit for Chive on California’s team. You can find Ron at a meet up or hanging by any San Diego beach bar. Tell him how awesome his RFB shirt is to feed his ego and brace yourself for the longest conversation of your life.

darrylDarryl D’Bayan

Darryl’s story begins in 1995 where he was first employed by “8 Minute Abs” as a background work out model. His career peaked in 2004 when he co-wrote volume one of “Math for Dummies”. This escalated to eventually earn him TIME magazine’s Person of the Year Award in for 2006. While “browsing” the internet in 2009 (you know what I mean) Darryl stumbled onto theCHIVE website… And the rest is history. Darryl has many hobbies. Some of them include:

  • Twister Limbo®, Darryl’s prototype Hasbro game! (In stores this fall)
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Competitive Vaping
  • A life long pursuit to find Steve Aoki. (Don’t be upset if he asks you if you are him)
  • Searching for Birthdays on his Facebook friends list. (He says it’s a guilt free way to drink everyday without shame)
  • Stealing your phone to fill up your camera roll with selfies
  • Underwater Hockey

With Darryl’s successful background as Chive on L.A.’s admin, his ability to math and the drive to help others, you can see why he is on team Chive on California. You can catch Darryl on the dance floor at any meet up (typically wearing a female Chive shirt) trying to “serve” any Chiver that is within arms reach. Don’t be mad. He’s just drunk. Accept the serve and he will dance off into the night. So buy him a shot and prepare for a dance battle.



Sara Brus

Sara’s beginnings started humbly as the daughter to traveling rodeo parents. As their travels wound down they found themselves in Kern County California. She quickly earned the nickname “Mom” to all the local chivers from her obsession with parenting her own kids…and her other kids (every Chiver in the world). Besides her avid love for theCHIVE and donating copious dollars to Chive Charities, she also enjoys activities such as:

  • Singing along to songs no one has heard of
  • Curbside Twerking
  • Hosting Karaoke Joust tournaments
  • Annoying Ron Coleman
  • Drunk Facebooking

Being the only female in the group, Sara has adapted to the constant penis jokes… Kind of… Her knowledge and respect within theCHIVE Nation makes her the perfect fit for the group. Find Sara at a California meet up near you and buy her a water, because chances are, she needs to sober up anyway.