About Us

What is theChive? That’s a great question and it depends on who you ask. theChive is home to the best funny, viral and interesting photos from around the world. With over 10,000 unique photo galleries and over 500,000 photos. theChive.com is The World’s Largest Photo Entertainment Website. Started in November 2008 by brothers John and Leo Resig, theChive started with 2 visits per day and has grown to entertain an average of 15 million visitors per day. KCCO is short for Keep Calm and Chive On which is the slogan of the famous website theChive.com.

KCCO is a way of life for the greatest community of misfits, hooligans and sexy creatures to ever assemble. So when we say “Chive On” it means we support our troops and all first responders. It’s about working hard and partying harder, it’s about paying it forward with a random act of kindness (RAK). It’s about coming through for Chive Charities and supporting one another through humor and optimism, about not giving a fuck while giving the most fucks. We know how to tell a joke and take a joke. We are not legion, we’re legend! We don’t wear a mask, we wear the best fucking T-shirts to ever be sold. Oh and it’s just a website with a shit ton of entertained pics, videos, mostly boobies, bacon, adorable cats and Bill Fucking Murray.

Chive On California was created by the founders of Chive On LA and Chive On San Diego.

Chive On LA was founded in early 2013 by a group of close friends, including Aaron Parra and Darryl D’Bayan. Their chapter was extremely successful, raising over $37,000 for One Fund Boston, National Autism Association, The Red Cross, and Chive Charities. They also orchastrated a HUGE New Years Eve Meetup, that was a collaboration with many other Southern California Chapters, including San Diego. (Darryl has since moved on from Chive On California to do even more awesome things and stuff…)

Chive On San Diego also started up in early 2013. Ron Coleman, founder of the chapter, decided to throw a meet up at the Coasters Saloon, and was blown away with the turnout. Over 700 Chivers showed up for the first meet up, and they were able to raise $4130 for Chive Charities. Throughout 2013, San Diego has continued to throw some of the best meet ups around, and also released the much sought after RFB3D shirt design, which has raised thousands of dollars for Chive Charities.

In February of 2014, Aaron, one of the founders of LA was called up to the big leagues, and moved to Austin, Texas to start his new position as theCHIVE’s Community Coordinator. After the huge success of the New Years Eve collaborated meet up, San Diego and LA realized that if they were to merge, they could throw meet ups of even greater proportion and help unify the local CHIVE community. They asked Joel Vissia, who had been brought on to LA’s team to help with meet ups and social media, and Sara Brus, admin for Chive On Kern to join, and Chive On California was born.

**It should be noted that The Chive, Chive Charities, or any part of Resignation Media has no affiliation with this website. This website is proudly managed independently by Chive On California and The Chive Nation.**